Goes to show how weak kids in other countries are ... Aussie kids are tough.

When Aussie kids play with their LEGO and want to put a little snake in the mix, plastic imitations simply won't do; nor will some harmless puny little reptile that's scared of its own shadow.

No! Those tough Aussie kids do things properly ... simply walk out into the yard, grab the first decent size Eastern Brown snake they can find and wrap the poor bugger around their LEGO creations ... good protection, too ... just in case any pesky adults try to mess with their stuff. Take that rest of the world!!



Went for a ride today ... it*s been a while plus I had to test out the new battery ... well, my installation of said battery. Anyway, great day, not much traffic ... and no fire or explosions ... so all is good.

Route is below - not the usual Beechmont-Canungra one ... gets a bit boring when you have to sit on 60.


Well, I finally had the joyous opportunity to change the battery on my ZX12R. Now unlike just about every other bike on the market - past, present and future - the people who designed  the ZX12R decided to make it as difficult as possible to get to the damn thing, as they require you to disassemble half the bike.

Went back to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary with mini me. Pics published are animal shots only. Settings on camera are better this time, but my shooting was kind of crappy for the day ... took way more shots than published but had to delete quite a few of them due to issues with focus, wrong shutter speed, incorrect composure, lighting, etc.

Anyway, a couple of shots made it past the hatchet ... few decent ones and a few passable ones.

Well, still learning - at least I switched over to manual mode for now ... no auto-iso.

Pics are here.